Monday, 23 December 2013

Tips To Enhance Memory

Assalamualaikum and good evening ^^

I think almost 2 weeks I'm not updating my blog . hehehe . Well , I'm quite busy lately . Bukan busy apa pun , busy dengan benda yang tak sepatutnya . Ish ish .. sedar lah sikit wahai diri . Okay , stop mumbling AH . You wasting your time okay ~

Before that , I just wanna tell you that these tips are actually from THE BAC STUDY SKILLS GUIDE . My friend , Aisya gave to me that book . It's really useful .

So , let's start ! ^^

There are some tips for you guys . Hopefully these tips can help you guys . Good Luck !! ^^

      - Think about the rainbow when creating your images . You could use bright , neon colors that are vibrant and outstanding . When the color pops, it is bound to be more memorable .

2 . SENSE 
     - Whenever possible , try to engage all your senses when to memorize . It is important to train your sense of vision , hearing , smell , taste and touch  in  order to personalize your images and memories .

     - Stretch and expand your imagination as far and wide as you can . Unlike most things , there is never a limit to what your imagination can achieve . So , use it to the fullest and you will find that it makes the memorization process much more fun and enjoyable .

    - Movement gives life to the images yo create . It makes them more vivid and interesting , and this imprints the the memory into your mind more effectively .

   - Images that are exaggerated beyond their normal proportion are usually easier to remember . Therefore , play around with the shapes and sizes of the images you create . Make them as lopsided and ridiculous as you like .

6 . HUMOR 
   - The more ridiculous and humorous your images are, the better you remember . After all , everyone could use a good laugh when trying to memorize .

  - Replacing an ordinary or boring image with an important or meaningful symbol can actually heighten your chances of remembering something .

   - Numbering what needs to be memorized creates a more specific and effective template to organize your thoughts in order and sequence .  

    - When memorizing , create an image that is familiar to you . Associate it with something concrete within your environment for quick memory retrieval .

  - Always use images that bring about positive memories . The mind tends to block out unpleasant thoughts or images that make you feel uncomfortable . When you create images that are pleasing to you , the mind finds it easy to retrieve that image efficiently .

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