Monday, 21 October 2013

Life Coach

Assalamualaikum, what up !!

     Hello guys , how are you ? me ? Alhamdulillah , I'm good . I believe it has been a long time that I'm not updating about me lately right ? So , I decided to write a little bit today . As you guys know AH tengah tunggu masuk U for continue my study . Dah hampir 11 bulan menunggu . Remember AH , you have to be patient for awhile .InsyaAllah after this you are really will go there . For now , just prepare your self . You have to improve your English . Even universiti di Malaysia pun kebanyakan subject  in English . *hanyalah peringatan for my self semata mata . Bukannya AH tak reti langsung English ni , Alhamdulillah dapat juga A for BI(English) in SPM . Maybe I'm not confident enough to speak or writing or whatever else . *tu lah.. time kecik kecik dulu tak nak belajar English . Padan muka hang AH

     Okay , I'm sorry cuz my intro panjang sangat . As you guys can see tajuk post AH kali ini mengenai Life coach . AH bukan nya nak bagi tips or what . Actually , Life or Coach is a book that I bought at MPH last week . It's about how to become the person you've always wanted to be . It's kind of motivation book . It kinda helps me actually . This book also attracted me because its colorful and has pictures . You will not bored to read it . Tulisan dia pun tak rapat and kecil . I really recommend  you to buy this book !! It's really useful ^^

 As you guys can see the price , it's not really expensive right ? Daripada korang beli buku buku yang tak berfaedah . After this boleh la korang kumpul duit beli buku ni ^^ 

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