Monday, 13 May 2013

The easily way to build motivation

Assalamualaikum, what up!!

Today I feel wanna share with you guys how to build your Motivation.

First, build motivation to draw closer to God.
- Rely on Allah
- Confident and believe in God
- Observed the five daily prayers
- Always repent for the mistakes, apologize
- Practise and always recite Quran.
- Remembrance (zikir) and Prayers with Consistently

Second, build self-motivation
- Make your own 'self slogan'
- 'Menghayati' your slogan
-  Find and choose your idol and an inspiration.
-  Give an appreciation and self-punishment

Third , build motivation with others

- Make friends with who have high motivation
- Beg prayers from family and educators
- Give and pray for motivation to others
- Read and appreciate the motivational stories

source from Survival Kit PELAJAR IPT

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