Friday, 26 April 2013

Happiness In Islam

" Knock,knock "
A British colonial officer in India sips his cup of tea and calls out, "Who is it ? "
"It's me , sir . Your washerwoman . I have come to collect your laundry. "
"Oh sure , how are you ? "
" I'm fine , sir . Thanks to Allah , a hundred thousand times . "
" And .... how are your children doing ? And the one who was sick ?"
"They are fine , too , sir . All praise is to Allah . One has malaria . He still has high fever. But he will get better , Allah willing . And the other one is quite healthy . Allah is very gracious , sir . He looks after us ."
"Huh ... and how is your husband , I never asked ?"
"Oh , he died sir . Six years ago . Allah took him back sir . Allah has a plan for everything ."

A British colonial officer cites this conversation as his reason for embracing Islam . 

To a Muslim reader , there is barely anything interesting in that conversation . The British officer was struggling , like many of us , with the meaning and purpose of life .

He was pondering the best ways to make it through life , and yet always feeling unhappy , without knowing why . 

The look of contentment and gratitude on the washerwoman's face was captivating . 

with her worn-out clothes , her sick child and dead husband , her meager income and dim prospects for her future , she seemed quite pleased with life .

She could barely finish a sentences without thanking Allah .

She had what the colonial aristocrat did not . He could not even understand it .

We all look for happiness . We look so hard that sometimes we even forget what we are looking for , and get deceived by appearances .

Most look for happiness in all wrong places - in wealth , music , fame and power .

Happiness through bodily experiences doesn't last or give inner peace.

The body just keeps on wanting more more , and is never satisfied .

What then is the secret of happiness ? 

What did that washerwoman know that so many in the world , never figure out ? 

Each one of her replies had the answer . In every situation , she remembered Allah .

~ "For truly , it is in the remembrance of Allah that hearts find peace. "[The Qur'an 13:28]

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P/S = Don't forget to LOVE and PROTECT children and animals . Don't hurt them. Help them when they need us. 

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