Friday, 31 October 2014

Time to struggle again !!

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone.

How you guys doing ? Good ? better ? not good ? It's okay, according to my lecturer just think that everything is easy. All is well ~ macam movie 3 Idiots tu .. hehehe .

Sometimes I do have hard time like everyone have .. I guess that you also at least have through the hard time once in your life. Okay, maybe you can try another method or way untuk kurangkan korang punya stress or hard time tu .. For instance, go out or hang out with your friends, maybe can try telling or share with your family about your problems.. If you also can't do that, what can I suggest is hopefully you can try to write about it. Senang citer tulis diary gitu .. As for me , I more like to not bother about it senang citer. Okay , enough.

 Panjang pulak introduction. hehhehe. Actually that is not what I want to share with you guys. Last month, AH dah masuk third sem for my foundation program. Alhamdulillah. But you know.. sometimes I feel wanna give up for certain reason .. But hey.. when I think it again. I'm just in my foundation year . Not even in degree. You know what I mean .. don't you ?

I have about 4 years more to go for finish my study if i'm don't change my course. Now, I just wanna concentrate with my study. I need to struggle for me to get good GPA or CGPA. Starting tomorrow( which I don't have to wait for tomorrow, even I can do it right now hhheheheh) I wanna study and remember some notes. Before this, I was a very lazy student. hahha not a good example huh ? I need to reduce watching Running Man and Korean drama..  Patience AH, you only need to do this for bulan November and December je....

Last but not least, just continue what you are doing. Never give up. Don't lose hope. You need to work hard or struggle for something that you want it. There is no shortcut to have it. Later on, you will understand what is the sweetness about how you can achieve your goal, how many time you need to repeat, how did you manage to get it and bla bla bla bla..

Sorry for all the merepekkkss..

Good night and sweet dream. Don't forget to doa before sleep.  ^^            

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