Tuesday, 1 October 2013

January - October ( Part 1 )

Assalamualaikum , what up .

Hello bloggie ^^
It has been a long time I leave you right ?
Sorry , I don't know why I become soooo lazy wanna update my blog . Hahahahah , I know that my blog is not really attractive . Back in January , I think there was not much thing I updated my blog right ?    Correct me if I'm wrong . That time  if I'm not mistaken , I was just too relax  because I have just done my SPM EXAM !! When I'm think again , wow . I have done my SPM exam . Alhamdulillah , that also mean panjang juga umurku ye ~ Alhamdulillah again . *suddenly I'm hungry . Wanna buy KFC for me ?

Uhg .... now I'm sleepy . Oh Ya Allah . Help me finish this thing first . Then I can sleep . Awwhh ~
Okay , Focus AH !!
Also , Farah Ain came to my house to spend time together . ooohh I miss her a lot !! Thanks Farah for coming to my house . ^^ We did a lot of things together  . Such as make videos , took pictures , cooking  , watched horror movies , and many more . Awww those sweet memories   ..

Not only her . Nadirah also came to my house . Actually we planed that three of us wanna meet at my simple house , but suddenly  Farah had a driving class* if I'm not mistaken . So , just two of us . Then on 26/02/2013 . I came to Nadirah house . We did a lot of things also .

Ah ~ SORRY I can't stand anymore . I'm slowly getting sleepy . I think I have to stop now . Don't worry .  I'll continue writing about my simple  life . I'm sorry if my story just too simple . But.... who cares ? This is my blog . So I can write whatever I want . See you guys later ^^

Assalam .
* I know my English is suck ~

P/S = Don't forget to LOVE and PROTECT children and animals . Don't hurt them . Help them when they need us .
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