Friday, 12 April 2013

Thanks sis !! =)

Assalamualaikum , what up !!

Last week on Monday(1,4,2013) , my sister gave some stationary to me . Such as pencil , highlighter and more. If I'm not MISTAKEN , she bought them with  Baucar Buku 1 Malaysia (BB1M) . I was sssooo happy ^^. Thanks Sis !!  Actually ,my sister and I went to MPH at SACC Mall on 29,3,2013(Friday) . She want to bought some stuff and a very important book . It was Principal Of Marketing .

She was happy and very excited to use it . Hahahha . I can't forget her reaction . ^^
This are the stuffs that she gave it to me .



liquid paper

mechanical pencil 

P/S = Don't forget to LOVE and PROTECT children and animals . Don't hurt them . Help them when they need us .
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