Monday, 25 March 2013

SPM Result !!

Asslamualaikum and whatup !!

Tonight I wanna tell you guys that today I went to school to get my SPM result . Alhamdulillah , I got a good result ^^ .

Actually , I sent sms on Thursday to check my result . hehe . Can't wait . I was happy and thankful cuz I don't have C or D or E and the most important is FAIL , which I mean is G . Alhamdulillah  again    =D

Now I'm listening to 2NE1 = Go Away . Love this song . Now I'm having dilemma cuz I don't know what course and which University I wanna get in . Okay , let be honest . I know what course I wanna take and it is Accountancy and I wanna study at UITM or UTM . But the problem is ... do I will be chosen or not ? That make me very worried and nervous .

Hey !! Don't give up Ainoul !! *You have to try right ? just apply it and pray that you will be chosen by them . okay ? ^^

I hope I plan it with good . I mean my life's plan .

P/S = Don't forget to LOVE and PROTECT children and animals . Don't hurt them . Help them when they need us 

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