Sunday, 16 December 2012

Holiday ? should I be happy or not?

   Assalamualaikum . Yo , What up !

 Holiday ? Should I be happy or not ? Sepanjang aku habis SPM ni , tak pergi mana mana pun ~  Duduk rumah , masak , kemas rumah , layan internet and making songs with my own lyrics . Just that . Honestly I feel bored .But , what can I do ? I don't have a car to go anywhere that I want . I can't ask my mom to send me anywhere that I want to go with easily because my mom working . 

                          This picture captured at my tuition . The person that wearing a black hijab, Azma Farhana . The person that wearing a glasses , my tuition teacher , Mrs C   =)  I love you all .


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