Friday, 10 August 2012

MODEL ESSAY FOR PMR ENGLISH (Processes and Procedures))

Assalamualaikum .
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It has been a long time I leave you right?
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Till I couldn’t have a time to update you.
Today I want to show u an example essay for PMR candidates.
I hope u guys can enjoy it!!
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               To make a coil vase out of clay , you must first mix the clay with the right amount of water. Then knead the mixture. This will make the clay soft and easier to mould. Keep kneading until the clay is firm in your hands. A good way to knead the clay is by throwing it back and forth between your hands.
               Once the clay is warm and pliable, roll it into a long 'snake'. The 'snake' should be between two and three feet long and of uniform thickness. The diameter of the 'snake' will determine the thickness of your vase's walls. A good size for a vase will be about half and inch.
               Now it it time for you to shape your vase. First, you must make the base of the vase. Begin by taking one end of your 'snake', place it on a flat surface and create a coil.Make sure the coil is tight and that there are no gaps in between. The size of this circle will determine the base of your vase, so you must create it accordingly.
                Next, use the 'snake' to make a ring which looks like a doughnut and place it on top of your base coil. Keep making rings of different sizes and pile them on top of the  base to give your vase the shape you desire. As you pile on the rings, smooth the insides of the rings so that the are moulded together. Once you have got the shape you desire, use a toothpick to make carvings on your vase.    
               Lastly, place the vase in the oven and bake it until the clay hardens. Remove the vase, allow it to cool and then paint it.
 Ya Allah murahkanlah rezeki AINOULHUDA HUSNA MOHD NOR, Semoga dia mendapat 8A+ dalam SPM 2012 nanti. Semoga AINOULHUDA HUSNA MOHD NOR tercalon sebagai peserta PLKN BERSAMA KAWAN-KAWAN YANG DIKENALI . AAmeeen"


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