Sunday, 20 May 2012


    Assalamualikum and good night to readers ...
Hi ,   Dear bloggie, it have been a long time you didn't hear anything from me right?
Did you miss me? ^_^

 Now , i'm  having my mid year exam .  OMG SSTTRREEEEESSSSSS  * like Kang Gary (Running man ) hahhaha . I am so kemaruk with running man lately . I like all of them .  Oh ya.. my exam . =,=

So Stress you know . just imagine ur parents expect u will get good result ? but u don't get it .  AAHHHH ~ what a miserable life ..  =,= 

But , I'm still hoping that i can get a good result  then i can  show it to my mom .
Readers , wish me luck . =)

Ya Allah murahkanlah rezeki AINOULHUDA HUSNA MOHD NOR, Semoga dia mendapat 8A+ dalam SPM 2012 nanti. Semoga AINOULHUDA HUSNA MOHD NOR tercalon sebagai peserta PLKN BERSAMA KAWAN-KAWAN YANG DIKENALI . AAmeeen"

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