Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My holiday !!

Hey bloggie! Eh assalamualaikum! ^_^

Dear bloggie, it have been a long time you didn't hear anything from me right?
Did you miss me? =D      hehehhe

so, its holiday time ...  firstly i wanna to say Happy Chinese New Year !! 
but to me now .. its not a holiday for me because i have to study guys .. this year i will taking SPM !!
ouh , now i am 17 years old . hha . you are now a big girl Ainoul .. but your body still small . hahha.
Actually i wanna to update my blog everyday . but i can't because my Galaxy Samsung Tab 10.1 tooooooo  slow (internet) . 

I have a lot to say guys .. but now i am toooooooooo busy ..  on Monday until Friday i have tuition to attend . Now , I have to stop . Maybe one day i will update this blog again . So yah ..
Bye blogger .. see you soon . thanks for visiting my blog .

 Ya Allah murahkanlah rezeki AINOULHUDA HUSNA MOHD NOR, Semoga dia mendapat 8A+ dalam SPM 2012 nanti. Semoga AINOULHUDA HUSNA MOHD NOR tercalon sebagai peserta PLKN BERSAMA KAWAN-KAWAN YANG DIKENALI . AAmeeen"

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